New Spell System

From: Fionn Colvin (
Date: 05/06/99

Heya all,
              I'm getting close to finishing my new spell system:

(1) Spell circles for Clerics and Priests.
(2) Memorize and Pray commands.
(3) Forget command.
(4) Casting times, with little display of time left when casting.

Most of the info is stored in a magic.h header file, so its all pretty
easy to change. Does need 2 additions to your playerfile though, so U'll
need a pwipe.

Anyway to the point. Is the anyone interested in getting a copy? If so
I'll go back through it and add some comments, clean up some of my
scrappy coding etc., and upload it to the circlemud server.

PS. At present it in like -26 Alpha, so there are probably some major
bugs in it, including the one that makes your computer explode and turns
ya into a big green killn machine. So I can't guarantee it right now.


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