New Spell System

From: Fionn Colvin (
Date: 05/09/99

Heya all,
             as a few people were interested in the spell system I'm
creating, I made a Xoom account and uploaded the zipped text
file there.


I was going to upload it to the CircleMud server but its still way to
Alpha to do that. At this stage its probably only good for those who
want to do a simular thing and need some ideas, or those who are
prepared to do some *MAJOR* reworking. My system is *VERY* dependent on
my code, which has changed greatly from bpl15.


Back up all your files before adding any of this stuff, I can't
guarantee that it won't stuff ya whole mud. Seems to run fine on mine so

far, but it hasn't been tested properly.

If ya have any questions, comments, bug reports, big fixes *SMILE*,
please E-Mail me.

Hope ya enjoy


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