Re: mud that has no circlemud world files or mobs

From: Mark Vanness Jr. (
Date: 05/09/99

I am going to say this flat out.  The Circle Discussion List is not a flame
board.  You want something like that go to and go
to the flames board.  If this is a flame list, then I think I didnt read the
FAQ right.

Now my opinion means little, but with my expierence, to be a
successful project leader, you have to:
  A) Know ABOUT Coding/Programming
  B) Be WILLING and ABLE to work with other people.
  C) Most of all, be READ, WILLING, and ABLE to deal with the people.

I made the mistake (bad choice of words) of starting a MUD thinking it was
going to be easy.  I admit, I knew NOTHING about programming when I
started.  I found myself at a loss, because the people I hired to code for
   A) Didnt know anything and just wanted to be promoted
   B) Didnt want to do anything that required work

After awhile I was forced to learn to code, and when that happened, the bits
and pieces fell into place, 1 by 1.  When my MUD started comming around,
personal friends of mine started to come together and form the great
team that I have today.

It takes One man to put up a MUD, but it takes a group to make it

Everyone and his dog runs a MUD, but how many are successful?

I like what one person said, "Implementors who start a MUD most commonly (or
hopefully), have a dream"

I had a dream, and I worked hard at it, I couldnt have done it without
the fine help of the CircleMUD Discussion List, George Greer, Jeremy Elson,
and the rest of the fine crew still working on CircleMUD.

Most people take for granted what is given to them, and only those people
who respect
what has been given to them, will ever achieve the goal of all MUDs.

Mark W. Vanness Jr.
Artifact Newsletter - Project Coordinator
TrekWars Administration - Project Coordinator

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