From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 05/09/99

Yet Another Snapshot:


A bunch of VMS and C++ fixes:


-- gg - util/delobjs.c: Change unlink() to remove().

-- gg - shop.c, mobact.c, fight.c, class.c, spec_procs.c: Use constants.h

-- gg - objsave.c: Removed unused str_app[] extern.

-- gg - db.h: CIRCLE_VMS path declarations.

-- gg - house.c: Fixed Obj_from_store() C++ linkage problem.

-- gg - interpreter.h: Make cmd_info[] extern match declaration.

-- gg - constants.h: Remove 'const' from int arrays to fix C++ linkage.

I haven't committed a section of the VMS changes for comm.c and sysdep.h, I
still need to verify them.  You'll find those uncommitted code sections in
the patch but not the tarball. (Just how things work.)

New patchlevel tentatively scheduled for 1-2 weeks but I make no promises.
I hope to get the VMS[1] code fully working and most of the bugs out of the
report site.  Then maybe I'll get to my inbox backlog.


George Greer            | The OasisOLC Maintenance Effort
greerga@circlemud.org   | http://developer.circlemud.org/OasisOLC/

[1] I have access to an OpenVMS Alpha V6.2-1H3 with DEC C V5.6-003 and
    the person sending me the patches uses GCC on VMS so we should have
    everything covered.  I just need to remember how I did things last
    time I gave it a shot, from the old CircleMUD Solutions project page.

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