[Code] Compiling

From: Robert Alexander Rossow (rrossow1@purdue.edu)
Date: 05/06/99

i have been coding my mud in MSVC++ 6.0 and it compiles fine.
when i port it to linux (redhat 6.0). it says that the sysdep.h file
contains errors.
by port to linux i tar xvfz a new copy of circlebpl15 run the
./configure and compile
after making sure it compiles fine i remove all the .c files and replace
them with the file
that i edited in MSVC++ 6.0 i also replace the .h file with the
exception of the conf.h
which has already been set up for linux via the ./configure command.
also when i compile
i get an error saying that it cannot find the ./licheck
i have spent around 2 hours on this problem and i am about to have the
"monitor flying out of the window bug."

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