Re: [Code] Compiling

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/07/99

> Run dos2unix or an equivalent ^M stripper on all files in your src directory.
> Any *.h and many others will fail due to the dos/windows carriage return after
> a "/" line continuation.

        Lots of unix machines don't have this utility, so, a bit ago to
fix the problem on one of the machines I administer, I wrote a quick perl
script for it.  This is as simple as it can get.


if ($#ARGV != 0) {
        die "Syntax: <file name>\n";
open (BROKEN,"$ARGV[0]") || die "Error: File $ARGV[0] does not exist\n";

  while(<BROKEN>) {
    print STDOUT $_;

        Is this obcircle? Well, could be.  Long time ago I wrote up a
board system, and it has the problem that each time it is reloaded, it
puts an extra ^M at the end of each line.  What's worse, because some
people use stupid clients (zmud, gmud in particular, also some non
standard telnets), their machines don't parse these extra ^M's as
nothing.. instead, they get return characters.  So, you'll want to run
that on them or, rip the function 'kill_ems()' from sammy's pfile patch.
It was written to only strip one '^M' out, so it works best on new
messages.  Of course, you can take a minute and strip em out by hand, or,
if you're really lazy, just put it in a loop.


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