Re: MUD updating from pl12

From: Del (
Date: 05/07/99

Zeavon wrote:
> On Thu, 6 May 1999, Roger Smith wrote:
> > I would like to final update my messy MUD code to the most recent patch
> > level (maybe i'll do it when pl16 comes out), but I have a question.
> >
> > Should I patch 12->13->14->15->16 or is that the same as downloading a stock
> > 12 and a stock 16 and then making my own patch comparing those two
> > patchlevels?  I hope my question is understandable.  :)
> You'll want to go 12->13->14->15->16

Actually I would not attempt that at all!!!!

If code is messy, just think how many rej's he will have for each upgrade!
After installing many cvs's of George's, I began hating rej's and just did
it all by hand to save headaches.

Best do make a diff of his code vs a clean bpl12
get a clean copy of the latest (patch in all the good stuff, olc, or what
then work his diff into it.

> One last thing... Backup all of your stuff before doing something like
> this. You'll be a happier camper if you do so.

DITTO that!!!

Good luck!!!

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