Everything patch / code

From: bscroggins (bscroggins@mev.net)
Date: 05/08/99


  Hello, thank you for those who helped me (or gave me the URL to this
'everything patch') looking at
this patch, it seems to have most things I was looking for (precentage
loading, dg_scripts, OLC,
anscii pfiles and a few other 'goodies') im not griping, it seems to be
good, its labeled:

Phoenix MUD (the source is from this great mud ...  phoenixmud.org:4000) but
enough of that
hopefully a clan patch or code or something I can stick in there and remort
and a few other little things

... unless I didn't get the right 'everything patch' ?!

Anyway, again, thank you for giving me the address to this 'everything
patch' it has helped quit abit
with getting our mud going, now maybe I can spend more time reading 'C for
dummies' (hehe) and
some of these other books so I won't be totally lost when I open up a file
and be .. what in the heck
does this do?'

-=  GazeMUD ; Now a mud for =-
=-  the rest of us !!   Coming     -=
-=  Soon to a telnet near you!   =-

Koder (notice the K and not C) in self
training !!

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