Re: Everything patch / code

From: Michael Cunningham (
Date: 05/08/99

Before someone might get their panties in a bunch..

That code you see is not from
I used to run phoenix mud a long long time ago, its now run by
others who used to work for me. I am currently working on starting
a new mud called Legends of the Phoenix.. Given my history of
starting phoenixmud + it will be very similar to phoenixmud of the old
days + a bazillion new features. What you see in the everything patch
is a totally scratch built bpl15 with no code from the current running
phoenix mud. I dont have any influence or contact essentially with the
admins over there.


>   Hello, thank you for those who helped me (or gave me the URL to this
> 'everything patch') looking at
> this patch, it seems to have most things I was looking for (precentage
> loading, dg_scripts, OLC,
> anscii pfiles and a few other 'goodies') im not griping, it seems to be
> good, its labeled:
> Phoenix MUD (the source is from this great mud ... but
> enough of that
> hopefully a clan patch or code or something I can stick in there and remort
> and a few other little things
> ... unless I didn't get the right 'everything patch' ?!
> Anyway, again, thank you for giving me the address to this 'everything
> patch' it has helped quit abit
> with getting our mud going, now maybe I can spend more time reading 'C for
> dummies' (hehe) and
> some of these other books so I won't be totally lost when I open up a file
> and be .. what in the heck
> does this do?'
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