Re: mud that has no circlemud world files or mobs orobjects

From: Del (
Date: 05/09/99

Brandon Brown wrote:
> Secondly - just for terms sake, it's "stock" MUDs that have the "Circlemud
> world files or mobs or objects".  And there's more than enough of them out
> there, why not try, search for a CircleMUD with a 0% stock
> world.  This mailing list is more or less for the discussion of the
> development and coding of CircleMUDs - not for locating or discussing
> different individual ones.

Since when has the discussion of Circle muds, worlds, building and so
on, been banned from this list?
To my knowledge it say's "Circle Discussion list" not "Circle
developement and coding discussion list".

I for one like to have a few of the original zones in them. Atleast when
I go into the mud, I know a safe place to go. Instead I find all
completely new zones, poorly written where you have a hard time finding
anything. Those are the biggest turn offs! So what if they have some
stock zones.

> Thirdly - I really have to object to the recent recruiting attempts on this
> list.  If you're on the list, and if you're running a MUD - how in the world
> can you be needing somebody to code?  If you're running a MUD and can't code
> it - go to the nearest bookstore, pick up a book on C, and read.  You're
> never going to get anywhere getting somebody else to do the hard work for you.

Oh, lord .. another one who thinks running a mud is the same as coding
the mud. Or thinks that the IMP should be the coder.
I am a true believer that you do not have to know how to code, to run a
mud. I will not argue the fact that it is better to be able to do both!
However, there are many out there that can code, but not administer a
mud and vice-versa.

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