Re: mud that has no circlemud world files or mobs orobjects

From: Lasse L. Cederström (
Date: 05/09/99

> - The non-coding imp doesn't understand what's possible as far as code
> goes, and in most cases doesn't appreciate what's been done at all.
> Example, my co-imp asked me to write an original clan system. I
> took me a great many hours. I was told that it wasn't "cool enough" and I
> was immediately given a list of things to add/change. Also, during the
> whole process of writing the clancode, he kept screaming at me to add
> little piddly things, rewrite parts of the OLC for his convenience (since
> he can't code or even use the bloody shell...) etc. Perhaps this wouldn't
> bother you?

And here I thought the first step in making a new system would be to talk
about what it should contain, how it should function, and such. I may be
wrong but your case sounds like you coded what you wanted, and disagreed
with the things he wanted changed, a pure lack of communication?

> - The immortal staff (at least in my own experience) bypasses the
> non-coding imp and asks the head coder about changes etc to be made. If
> people have a problem with something/someone on the game, they come right
> to me with it. If I'm not online, they don't say a word to my non-coder
> co-imp, they wait for me.

Ofcause the coder(s) get asked about code changes, and such. But who gets
asked about status of areas that are going into the mud? - About if this and
that item sound reasonable.. unless your co-admin doesn't do that(?)

Being high level got nothing to do with getting asked questions, you don't
go ask your CEO about how to use g++, you go ask your IT-support department
about it.

> - My prgrammers (yeah, there are 3 of us) don't ask my co-imp anything at
> all. They see him as a disease and they don't seem to respect him at all.
> The reason for this is my first point. I suppose they're saying "how can
> you begin to judge something when you have no idea how hard it
> was to do?".
> They've also begun to be a bit resentful, in that the co-imp can
> do nothing
> but say "when will you be done with it? it'd be nice to see
> xxxxxx in a few
> days." when we start on a new project. In their minds that translates
> roughly to, "Hurry up you lazy bastards! There's work to be done,
> and since
> i can't do squat, I'm just gonna sit here and eat cheesy poofs!"

Sounds like you guys get along really well, can't say it seems like a mud I
would like to spend time improving.. Have you actually tried telling him
that doing this and that code takes time, and it will be finished when its
done? Unless ofcause your paid for your job, I guess your pretty free to
code whenever you feel like it.

Some admins think that builders/coders are disposable to them 24 hours a
day, but *gasp* some of us actually have a RL, that we need to spend on too.

> Actually this is all FAR from typical, now that I've thought about it.
> However, I don't really see why someone who can't code would be qualified
> to run a MUD as the lone imp. Until you've seen how much work
> actually goes
> into the bloody thing, I don't really think you've got much room to tell
> other people what to do or how to do it, PERIOD.

Hmm, So level hirachy and such doesn't matter? - When was the last time you
looked at a new area, and said: This area is cool, this is really nice work,
I guess your only looking at code.. atleast seems like it..

Oh well not for me to judge how your mud is running.. just doesn't sound
like an atmosphere many people would enjoy...


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