Code: need to know basis? (was ... Re: mud that has no circlemud world files or mobs orobjects)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/09/99

> >Oh, lord .. another one who thinks running a mud is the same as coding
> >the mud. Or thinks that the IMP should be the coder.

        I agree, running the mud is not the same as coding the mud.
However, if you do not know how to code you will not be able to run a mud.

        For as long as I have coded for muds, I've never played them.
I've always held high positions, but I deliberately kept myself out of the
admin loop unless it was required.  I prefer this method, as I don't
actually enjoy pointless mudding (Zork on the other hand.. wow.)

        Pretty much, I've always been a coder, and thats it.

        Usually someone else 'runs' the mud, and from time to time, I have
discussions with them on what new features we'd like to see, and thats
about it.  They're responsible for fixing the day-to-day errors with
crashes, some minor debugging and other things like locating and fixing
parsing errors that stop the mud from loading, olc not working
correctly, grammar errors in hardcoded messages, things like that.

        I'm not always going to be logged in, and for any mud with
constant coding development by me and two other coders as well, there's
going to be problems.  That's why the IMP has to be able to _run_ the
mud, not just administer it.

        I would not recommend building, coding, or playing any mud where
the head person doesn't have this minor level of ability, because it will
be hell.


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