Re: mud that has no circlemud world files or mobs or objects

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 05/08/99

First off...the only reason I read this email was because it looked
interestnig - I thought you were discussing a MUD running with no lib
files... :shrug: I know, I know... how?  I asked the same thing - it's why I
opened the email instead of marking it for deletion.

Secondly - just for terms sake, it's "stock" MUDs that have the "Circlemud
world files or mobs or objects".  And there's more than enough of them out
there, why not try, search for a CircleMUD with a 0% stock
world.  This mailing list is more or less for the discussion of the
development and coding of CircleMUDs - not for locating or discussing
different individual ones.

Thirdly - I really have to object to the recent recruiting attempts on this
list.  If you're on the list, and if you're running a MUD - how in the world
can you be needing somebody to code?  If you're running a MUD and can't code
it - go to the nearest bookstore, pick up a book on C, and read.  You're
never going to get anywhere getting somebody else to do the hard work for you.

B. Brown
WebMaster, CircleMUD WTFaq  <-- update coming.

<<                    Hi, Is their a mud that is bast on circlemud but does
 not have any of the sample world objects or mobs?  I would like to play
 one like that.  I am all so looking for builders and coders please email
 me if you want to code for my mud.  bye >>

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