Re: mud that has no circlemud world files or mobs

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Date: 05/09/99

Chuck Reed wrote:

void snip_text()
> question, and maybe suggest an alternative solution to the one the IMP has
> in mind.  After everything is talked out, there is usually no conflict.
Well Put.. At our place we've done it much like this, 'cept the Main
responsible person is also the Coder, not that this is *THE* solution,
it's *A* solution, when we first started out, we were 3 IMPS, who
quickly divided the Workload between us, One for the Code, one for The
Builders and one for Webpages. Everyone would be HEAD-Responsible for
each task, but should at least have an idea of what the others were up
to. WebPages didn't need much from the Coder ('cept the occasional Who'S
Online and such), but the Builder-IMP and the Coder-IMP had to work
together, since the Builders were going to ask for things that the
Scripting at that point couldn't possibly do. So what we designed was
hm, mostly like an Org-Chart with Most Responsibility in the top, and
less in the bottom, but every person did only have 1 Person to answer
responsibility to.

This System works very well, since I do not have any clue how to build
(I simply lack the Imagination to build immense zones), and I do not
want to know either (Since people say that would ruin the code). The
builders-IMP Now have to answer to me why this and that isn't made, or
how far a zone has come, I don't know who builds it (In theory, in
pracsis I do know), and it's really none of my business either, The
Head-Builder is taking care of such things and reports what's going on
and suchlike.

So really from having 3 Persons we went to have 1 responsible person, 1
person people can go to, but that person only have to ask 1 person (Or
whatever) to find out things, and so forth.. Much like a box system,
works nicely for us.. BUT! It is not *THE* solution, We've tried
different ways, and this seems to work best for us..

just my 2 cents

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