person that wanted everything patch

From: Michael Cunningham (
Date: 05/11/99

I lost the last guys email that wanted a copy of that
everything patch. If you want it then go to

Note.. its not a patch anymore since it has gotten
way to complex to make a patch with the dozens
of directories.. It could be done, but I dont
have the time to do it. This is basically being
released to get the new mud admin over the huge
patch hurdles that one is generally hit with when
starting a new mud. Please make sure you keep
most of the credits file around as it credits all the
patch authors.

Basically its just a copy of my currently developing
mud. Called Legends of the Phoenix. Dont expect email
support if you dload it.. I might answer some questions
but I am very busy lately with rl.

I will be releasing new versions as I add in more code
but dont expect anything on some regular schedual.

Note: This code is not in any way related to the currently
running circle mud called Phoenix MUD. I used to run that
mud a long time ago and basically gave up on it years ago.
That mud is now run by some of my former admins.
The only thing in common between this mud and Phoenix MUD
is the use of the word Phoenix.

This is what it contains:

** Circle-bpl15
** Oasis OLC v1.6b
** DG scripts v6
** Text editer
** Social Editor
** Help file editor
** Percentage Loading for mobs/objs
** Oasis support for Percentage loading
** Copyover (reboot without kicking off players)
** Ascii player files
** Alias saving/loading with ascii pfiles (unlimited * of aliases)
** Ascii rent files (+ fixed a bunch of real/aff ability bugs)
** Set up text editor so your can edit more files
** Fix autowiz to work with ascii pfiles (yea.. gonna edit it by hand:)
   To much of a nightmare to do automatically..
** Saving corpses over reboots/crashes/copyovers in ascii files
** Zone Idleing to save memory/processor time
** Increased zone structure to include more information
** Put in Oasis support for above zone structure
** Added in a dynamic areas command
** Trust command to assign god commands
   trust <player> <command group> <on/off> <save/nosave>
** Added cmds:  / , log, protect, peace, zecho, linkload, become, saveall
** Got rid of version and info commands..
** added history, background, and
   builder commands. Added more files that can be edited to the tedit
** Added coding and todo commands and added them to the tedit code.

Speed of Lightning, Roar of Thunder!
Fighting All Who Rob and Plunder...
UnderDog.. Ahhahah UnderDog!

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