Re: person that wanted everything patch

From: Red Wolf (
Date: 05/24/99

I tried to get that everything patch. It always stop downloading after about
150k.. then I cant delte the file to start over cause it says access denied.
I have to reboot to do it.
What is going on?

Michael Cunningham wrote:

> I lost the last guys email that wanted a copy of that
> everything patch. If you want it then go to
> Note.. its not a patch anymore since it has gotten
> way to complex to make a patch with the dozens
> of directories.. It could be done, but I dont
> have the time to do it. This is basically being
> released to get the new mud admin over the huge
> patch hurdles that one is generally hit with when
> starting a new mud. Please make sure you keep
> most of the credits file around as it credits all the
> patch authors.
> Basically its just a copy of my currently developing
> mud. Called Legends of the Phoenix. Dont expect email
> support if you dload it.. I might answer some questions
> but I am very busy lately with rl.
> I will be releasing new versions as I add in more code
> but dont expect anything on some regular schedual.
> Note: This code is not in any way related to the currently
> running circle mud called Phoenix MUD. I used to run that
> mud a long time ago and basically gave up on it years ago.
> That mud is now run by some of my former admins.
> The only thing in common between this mud and Phoenix MUD
> is the use of the word Phoenix.
> This is what it contains:
> ** Circle-bpl15
> ** Oasis OLC v1.6b
> ** DG scripts v6
> ** Text editer
> ** Social Editor
> ** Help file editor
> ** Percentage Loading for mobs/objs
> ** Oasis support for Percentage loading
> ** Copyover (reboot without kicking off players)
> ** Ascii player files
> ** Alias saving/loading with ascii pfiles (unlimited * of aliases)
> ** Ascii rent files (+ fixed a bunch of real/aff ability bugs)
> ** Set up text editor so your can edit more files
>    (immlist/wizlist/builder)
> ** Fix autowiz to work with ascii pfiles (yea.. gonna edit it by hand:)
>    To much of a nightmare to do automatically..
> ** Saving corpses over reboots/crashes/copyovers in ascii files
> ** Zone Idleing to save memory/processor time
> ** Increased zone structure to include more information
> ** Put in Oasis support for above zone structure
> ** Added in a dynamic areas command
> ** Trust command to assign god commands
>    trust <player> <command group> <on/off> <save/nosave>
> ** Added cmds:  / , log, protect, peace, zecho, linkload, become, saveall
> ** Got rid of version and info commands..
> ** added history, background, and
>    builder commands. Added more files that can be edited to the tedit
>    code.
> ** Added coding and todo commands and added them to the tedit code.
> Mike..
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