Re: [Code] Zone Flag Problems

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/12/99

> ACMD(do_test)
> {
>   struct zone_data *zone;
>   sprintbit(ZONE_FLAGS(ch->in_room), zone_bits, buf1);        <---
> crashes here.

        I'd bet decent money that you're accessing outside of your zone[]
array.  Why do I guess this?

        Common sense says you're going to have 1 member of the array for
each zone, instead of 1 member of the array for each room in each zone.
So, you don't want ZONE_FLAGS(ch->in_room), you want something
more like ZONE_FLAGS(world[ch->in_room].zone).

        Of course, without any debugging information, or other background
information, I could just be pissing in the wind.

        Also, I'd also have put the information in the already
existing zone_table, of which the format is already known.


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