OasisOLC v2.0-pre6

From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 05/13/99


I'm experimenting with a different dependency system so if you don't have
GCC and use the Unix makefile, it'll probably barf.

If you don't have snprintf(), replace snprintf(x,y,z,...) with

Changes this version:

* Fixed bug with -1 vnum new objects.

* Fixed memory slicing and dicing by i++ instead of i-- in object copy

* Checking of strings for the STRING_TERMINATOR before accepting them.

* Fixed crash in save_all() (save_xxx functions remove the list themselves)

* Shops wouldn't save to disk, it was still using real numbers.

* Changes to clear_screen and s/send_to_char/SEND_TO_Q/ to allow future
  character-free editing.  Yup, CON_MENU will be usuable instead of or in
  addition to CON_PLAYING eventually.

* Board needs to be saved even if the message is aborted.

* Removed 'magic constant' in do_oasis.

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