From: Mike Carpenter (
Date: 05/15/99

I'm Using Bpl12,

I have noticed that when snooping players, something causes
the mud to crash.  I cannot seem to track down the source and
was curious if others have or had noticed such anomolies.  I
am not really interested in upgrading to another Bpl at this time,
as I have spent numerous hours customizing my current code.  If
you have no intention of giving reasonable ideas or help please
don't waste energies in flaming know this is seriously rediculous
that I have to even put that in my question, but being a part of this
list for over the past 2 years I have seen many unnecessary flames...
I would like to think I could just ask my question and get some help.

If you have any thoughts as to why snooping would cause my mud to crash
please fill me in...if you wouldn't mind.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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