Oasis OLC 2.0 pre 7 (My conclusions)

From: Fionn Colvin (gavry@ozemail.com.au)
Date: 05/16/99

Firstly, sorry for all the posts.

I keep jumping to conclusions about this thing, mainly due to the fact
that the bugs that spring up don't happen consistently. :(

At present all I know is that with the last patch that George posted the
mud doesn't crash from a R command in a zone file. However, creating new
objects is still pretty screwy. Sometimes when I make a new item
everything will be cool. Other times all the text fields of the item
will be filled with crud on saving it internally. So all I can currently
conclude is that somewhere in the saving object the text fields *CAN*
get whacked, but don't always. :(

I'm stuffn about with my debugger and trying to find out where, but as
I'm very new to this OLC code, and still just learning VC++ 6 features
I'm not going all that quickly. :(

Sorry for the no help George, but as we all know, being the legend you
are, U'll prob kill the bug before I ever work out how to use the debug
feature. hehe


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