Circle30bpl15 and everything.

From: SUBSCRIBE CIRCLE Bonecrusher (bonecrusher@CYBERDUDE.COM)
Date: 05/16/99

I recently downloaded Mr cunningham's Circle30bpl15 with "everything"
 I unzipped it on my home PC running win98. I then replaced Conf.h with and Makefile with Makefile.msvc. Then it was cut and paste time
to update the new makefile.

 Then diskio.o and corpse.c were added to the makes. Then I compiled with
 msvcstd 4.

 Using the archives as a reference, I replaced the following items to
fix any errors I had.

 Db.c      Line 401  strcasecmp was replaced with stricmp
 Corpse.c  Line 284  strcasecmp was replaced with stricmp
 objsave.c Line 1077 strcasecmp was replaced with stricmp

 Diskio.c Line 142 _fileno was replaced with _file
          Line 322 _fileno was replaced with _file

 I then recieved a l-value error Line 2638 in Db.c with
 case N and GET_NAME. When I used (*(!npc etc in util.h
 I recieved tons of warnings, and it wouldn't write to plr_index.
 So going back to Db.c I changed GET_NAME in that line to
 GET_PC_NAME. The error dissappeared. At this same time i realized
 I had to create the 26 subdirectories for pfiles, and did so.

 This allowed me log on but once I got to The game enter menu and chose 1
 the mud went down. I checked and a tmp file had been created as well as the
 alphabetical file in the subdirectory. the plr_index showed my name but it was
 followed by 0 0 0 0. I tried again and this time I was able to create my character.
 But even though both the tmp and alpha file showed level 34 the character was shown
 in the index and on the game as level 1 with no imm commands. When I quit, it crashed
 the mud.

 I then went into Util.h and Defined plr_index "pfile" and editted out
 the four players that were in the index and the character with 0 0 0 0,
 and edited My charcter to show level 34 in index.

 This allowed me to log in and quit with no problems. I'm still screwing
 around inside the mud to see if everything works.

 Only three warnings remain in comm.c

 line 2379 c4090 '=' different const qualifiers
 line 2410 c4090 'function' different const qualifiers
 line 2410 c4024 'act_mtrigger' different formal parameters etc
 I will attempt these at another time.
 I'm not much of a coder, so I wanted to see if anyone feels I may
 have missed something or if my choices are wrong and will get me fookered


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