OasisOLC v2.0-pre9

From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 05/18/99


If nothing major shows up between now and the weekend, I'll release this
for real then.  I won't have Death's Gate Scripts included until a later
release though.  I'm sure someone else will make an add-on for the new
OasisOLC soon enough though.


* Fixes to permanent affects from Caniffe.

* top_shop fixed to be < instead of <= since it's different than all of
  the other 'top' variables.

* delete_mobile now remembers to update existing mobiles too.

* do_edit() extended.

* add_shop() fixed to behave better.

* Minor sprintascii() cleanup.

* delete_room() fixed to actually work.

* duplicate_room() doesn't destroy the source room.

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