possible world/zon file problem

From: Sorren (sorren@usa.net)
Date: 05/20/99

I've modified my world/zon files a bit.  I've upgraded my bpl14 to bpl15 by
hand.  That was a task in and of itself, but now when I try to edit a
zone/room/object or anything else it'll say: Sorry, there is no zone for that
number!  But, the funny thing is, I'll load up stock circle world files, then
copy my circle binary over to the stock circle world files, and it'll work
fine.  Bare in mind that before I upgraded to bpl15 I could edit anything with
the greatest of ease.  I'm using oasis 1.6 the newest version.  Of course the
world files parse fine, and the mud runs fine.  Its just I cannot use olc in
any shape or form.  I CAN however do show zone, it'll list them fine and
correctly.  Anyone have any ideas on why this might be happening ?

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