Re: possible world/zon file problem

From: The Fractal Dimension (
Date: 05/20/99

You might want to check some function prototypes in olc.  Also the externs
in the various editor files.

Some of them expect the zone_rnum and top_of_zone_table stuff to be ints.
They need to be short ints.

I've had various mismatch problems and crash errors due to accessing out
of bound members of the world arrays.  Anything related to these rnum
variables must be changed to a sh_int declaration.

The compiler does not throw a warning, because the variables are externed,
and are ints.  However it does not check that they are actually short

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On Thu, 20 May 1999, Sorren wrote:

> correctly.  Anyone have any ideas on why this might be happening ?

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