Re: Annoying Pager (correction) and ObCircle

From: Andrew Ritchie (
Date: 05/23/99

>No, what I am saying is that with socials right there, players are more likely
>to use them instead of creating ones that are more personal to their
>character.  It makes people decide if they want to be chuckling "politely" or
>chuckling "heartily" IMHO.

I've I system of adverbs on my game. So you have the verb, lets say smile,
and five or six adverbs on average for every verb. So, you might have smile
eviley, smile heartily, smile happily, smile anxiously and smile tensely.

If players want to use the set socials, they can, but if they want to make
their own socials, they can to.

Just a thought.

- Andrew

Andrew Ritchie,
Rippon Lea Mansion and Estate

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