Re: [NEWBIE] Error in adding DG to bpl15

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/24/99

> After an entire day of handpatching in DG 7a with Oasis into slightly
> modified bpl15 I've gotten this error... granted I'm a very novice coder, but
> I can almost always puzzle my way through things... except this.
> gcc -o ../bin/circle act.comm.o act.informative.o act.item.o act.movement.o
> dg_scripts.o: In function 'script_driver':
> /mud/src/dg_scripts.c:2819: undefined reference to ''
> /mud/src/dg_scripts.c:2820: undefined reference to ''
> (Yes, there is nothing between the quotes)

        Try posting those lines.

        I haven't ever seen that type of error before, but maybe you're
doing something like 'structure->;' or the sort? I'm sure looking at the
lines would help.

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