Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] alias saving/alias.c.gz

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/24/99

> i am trying to add alias saving. i am trying to use a file from the
> /pub/circlemud/contrib/code ftp site. the file is called alias.c.gz and in
> the readme there is a note from Jeremy Hess. at any rate i have followed the
> readme and done what it says, with no errors when i compile, but now when a
> character enters their name at the startup the mud crashes. i have searched
> the archives and found one message with the same problem, but there wasnt a
> solution response. I am wondering if anybody out there has tried to use this
> file and readme to install alias saving. I am using circle30bpl14.
        We need just a bit more information to help I'm afraid.  A gdb
back trace would be very helpful (if you're running a *nix variant).  From
my knowledge, most of the errors come from not creating the alias
directories - though mostly that made it not save, instead of crashing.

        If you don't have any other information, you can always insert
logging messages to determine which line it crashes on (I'd start in your
alias loading function).  If we knew the code around which it crashes on
we'd be better equipped to help.


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