Re: [CODE] [LIB] [SYSTEM-WIN95] Woirld building software

From: Del (
Date: 05/26/99

How about making it so they can be changed by the user?
for two reasons atleast:
1. I connect to my mud on the internet. I do not keep it on my local
machine except for backup (zipped).
2. If I give out or have users use this program for building on my mud,
they will not have constants.c.

Maybe a text file that all the settings can be entered in/copied from
constants.c and placed in the working directory of the program. (or a
.ini file?)
Or menu option to add in the specific flags/variables?

Joe Buchanan wrote:
> 3) It reads constants.c for individual mud settings.
>    constants.c MUST be in the base world directory
>    (ie. c:\circle30bpl15\lib\world\constants.c)

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