Re: [CODE] [LIB] [SYSTEM-WIN95] Woirld building software

From: Plazmic (
Date: 05/27/99

First off, I never ran across CircEdit32 before.  I did visit their
website, and it seems that production stalled 2 years ago with the
.wld editor only in place.
Second, the editor I am writing won't require people to manually add
all the customizations they've made.
I do appreciate both sides of the feedback I'm getting from the list.
You can't improve a program with only praise.  You need someone to
"This part sucks!"


>         Actually I think there's one out there that was written at
> least a
> year or two ago called circedit or something like that.  It allows
> you
> to configure your flags - both names and values.  You just go to
> the
> configuration page, use the radio buttons to select which values
> are
> usable, and it fills in the value (or you can specifify the value
> it uses
> for that flag -handy if you want to avoid (1 << 0) for example).

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