Re: [CODE] objsave.c

From: George Greer (
Date: 05/30/99

On Sun, 30 May 1999, Andrey Fidrya wrote:

>Investigating further (player collected few mlns of experience during
>a hour of play and then lost them after crash), I have found one strange
>thing in Crash_save_all, objsave.c:

So make your autosave a more frequent occurance.  Picking up or dropping
any object will trigger an autosave.  So if they eat a bread, they're set
for an autosave.  If they get a sword, they're tagged.  If you quaff a
potion, use a scroll, or even moving objects about in bags and inventory
will all tag them for a save.  Even getting coins will trigger the flag.
Equipping and removing objects will also trigger the save.

In short, I don't see an issue here. The default autosave interval is 5
minutes in stock CircleMUD.  You set it to an hour, and that is what you

George Greer

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