Re: Ported Introduction code.

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 05/31/99

On 5/31/99 10:33 PM, Tony Robbins (tonyr@PACIFIC101.COM) stated:

>   RECREATE(ch->player_specials->saved.known, int *,
>sizeof(ch->player_specials->saved.known) + 1);
>   KNOWN(ch, (sizeof(ch->player_specials->saved.known)/sizeof(int))) =

sizeof() is not a run-time function.  sizeof is an unary operator that
returns the size of the type, not the size of what something might be
pointing to (there is no ANSI or POSIX function that does that).  Thus
you are doing:

KNOWN(ch, (sizeof(int *)/sizeof(int)))

- Chris Jacobson

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