Re: Overlapping Memory

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 06/01/99

Xual, read the question and comprehend.  Skills ARE easy to add (usually)
but the question Phil asked was how to extend the skill SYSTEM.  This
involves increasing the size of the skills array on the player file,
which will involve a pwipe (the domain of the weenie) or a player file
conversion (OH THE FUN!).  All this pain is caused by the fact that the
player and their skills are stored in a binary file and thus limited
in flexibility.

I would like to commend you Xual for getting rid for the circle .sig when
replying, something Phil couldn't do.

On Fri, 28 May 1999, Phil Durand wrote:

> Ok, I am a little confused... I have made some skills, now I have all the
> skill slots filled in, up to 280. I've got this set like this
> Spells 0 - 130
> Skills 131 - 280
> Object Skills/Spells 281-299
> Now, this hasn't change the max ammounts... 299. Many of the other settings,
> like languages, color settings, and conditions, are being overwritten by
> some of the last few skills...

And I was under the impression that "skill coding" was "quite simple" and
should be attempted by anyone...

"Misery is boundless"
        -Xual the Torturer, on the Eve of the Sundering.

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