GlobalComm (was GlobalChat) v2.1 Available

From: Alex (
Date: 06/02/99

GlobalComm v2.1 circle release May 24th (11:32pm) | email

This patch is for CircleMUD 3.0bpl14


   GlobalComm is a simplistic text game patch designed to allow a
a global channel, status info, and [in the future] objects to be
shared/transferred between multiple online games.

   The GlobalComm gateway acts as a hub, interpretetting any packets
in your local text game's queue.  Your text game will connect to the
gateway, transmit/receive ident info, and proceed to transfer any type
of packet between other text game's connected to the server.  The
current setup allows easy integration of new types of packets to be
sent (see gcomm.c:gcomm_proc_req).  Please email me at the address
at the top of the page on any new creative types of packet transferring
between the GComm network.

   GlobalChat was designed on a Linux platform and may not be
supported without additional porting to other opererating systems.

   * Public and Private transfer of messages up to the size of 60
characters.  Simplistic design allows for a speedy interface
which adjusts to the amount of activity of the GlobalChat Server.

   * Global listing of known servers.

   * Ping responce diagnostic command, to report lag between sites.

   * Status of a site or hub, and listing of sites active.

   * Multiple Channel Support

   Previous Releases

   v0.9 -       Simple pub/priv msg capabilities.
   v1.0 -       Added gping/glist.
   v1.1 -       Complete rewrite, split package into local daemon,
                + small circle patch.
   v1.2 -       Complete rewrite in socket code.
   v2.0 -       Stability with signals, many bug fixes.

   GlobalComm was previously GlobalChat before release 2.1. At this
point, all gateway interaction is done through ""
at tcp port 24101.  I am in the process of implementing support
for multiple gateways.  Email me at if interested.

   NOTE: Release 2.0 and below of GlobalChat have been out-dated, and are
accordingly no longer supported with -any- router/gateway.  New code
has been implemented in v2.1 of GlobalComm to insure compatibility
with future modifications[/rewrites] of GlobalComm.

   Future Implementation

   * Optional transferrable objects between muds (for auction)
   * Channel Flags and UserChannel Flags
   * Timezone compatibility

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