Room numbers / Skill system

From: Phil Durand (
Date: 06/02/99

Ok, now I'm really lost in space with the Skill problems I am having.

I have been told by everyone that has responded, that I should change the
MAX_SKILLS and all other maximum defines and whatnot... That was done when I
made the skills in the first place. I have over 100 skills, and over 100
spells, My MAX_SKILLS is 290, and my MAX_SPELLS is 130, MAX_DEFINES is 299
like normal. Having erased the playerfiles, I still have the problem that
skills are overlapping other variables, like color settings, and such..

Now on comes a new problem, this happened, when I erased some skills, and
put things back the way they are in stock... It is ALL that I changed in my
code, now the room numbers in ch->in_room are off... For example,
ch->in_room == 10 when in room 12 (I thought it was REAL_ROOM, but REAL_ROOM
of 10 is 8...)

So now my players cannot create their characters, because the spec_proc
checks for the room number for a specific stat...

The rooms/skills in my game, seem to be all out of whack. If anyone could
please give some insight on where I should start looking to fix this
problem, please do so....

Thank you very much

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