Re: Room numbers / Skill system

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 06/03/99

Phil Durand wrote:
>  > but is REAL_ROOM(12)=10?
> Actually, no its not... I am not supposed to use REAL_ROOM, I tried to use
> it and see if it would work, I had naturally had it set up in this manner...
> if(ch->in_room != creation_room[RACE_ROOM]) {
>   send_to_char("You cannot do that here.\r\n", ch);
>   return 0;
> }
> Now, this is checking what in_room of the character is, which is a VNUM, and

from structs.h:

room_rnum in_room;              /* Location (real room number) */

 So ch->in_room is a RNUM, if you can't tell from the 2 clues here
and numerous comments through the code.

> the creation_room[RACE_ROOM] is stored as 12, now, when in room VNUM 12, it
> doesn't equal... Because when in the room number 12, the ch->in_room is 10,
> which is WRONG, and it has only started to be wrong now... I have been using
> this code for almost a month, and have not changed it once since I finished
> it. It has always worked, until yesterday.

 If it did work previously the RNUM of room VNUM 12 must have also been
12. For what you're trying to do here you'll need something like this,

 if (ch->in_room != real_room(creation_room[RACE_ROOM])) {
 ... but something tells me you already tried that, and it was WRONG

-> Ben

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