Re: Room numbers / Skill system

From: Phil Durand (
Date: 06/03/99

 > but is REAL_ROOM(12)=10?

Actually, no its not... I am not supposed to use REAL_ROOM, I tried to use
it and see if it would work, I had naturally had it set up in this manner...

if(ch->in_room != creation_room[RACE_ROOM]) {
  send_to_char("You cannot do that here.\r\n", ch);
  return 0;

Now, this is checking what in_room of the character is, which is a VNUM, and
the creation_room[RACE_ROOM] is stored as 12, now, when in room VNUM 12, it
doesn't equal... Because when in the room number 12, the ch->in_room is 10,
which is WRONG, and it has only started to be wrong now... I have been using
this code for almost a month, and have not changed it once since I finished
it. It has always worked, until yesterday.

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