Re: LexiMUD Goes Open Source

From: Peter Nielsen (
Date: 06/05/99

On Sat, 5 Jun 1999, Chris Jacobson wrote:

> LexiMUD is a C++ derivative of Circle intended for use as a Sci-fi MUD
> codebase, and is quickly gaining in popularity.  It integrates many
> popular modules such as OLC and IMC, along new code, to provide a
> comprehensive codebase.
> Previously only the (now 1-year old) Alpha release was available to the
> public.
> <>.  However, development on the new full
> version has progressed to the point that it is almost useable.
> Development is continuing as I reach towards my goals of a CLEAN,
> READABLE, and USABLE C++ MUD codebase.
> Some of LexiMUD Features:
> * An advanced RoleMaster-based Skill and Combat engine
> * A custom, human-readable, extensible world file format similiar to C
> and BIND file format.
> * Pre-scanned DG-scripts with full looping facilities
> * A custom STL, api-compatible with existing modern STLs.
> * Integrated InterMUD Communications 2 v1.03g release 8 + Channel Daemon
> LexiMUD Requires:
> * A modern C++ compiler - gcc 2.8 will NOT suffice.
>   You need at least EGCS 1.1 or newer, or a compiler that supports
>   templates and namespaces (and probably a few other features
>   I can't remember at the moment)
> * UNIX or MacOS (sorry, no Windows support is left)
> Since LexiMUD has been more popular than I expected... so I have set up
> many new services!
> The new LexiMUD website is at:
> Stop by and take a peek!  Services include:
> * browsable cross-indexed source (updated nightly)
> * cvsweb access
> Coming Soon:
> * code snapshots
> * discussion forums
> * more actual site content (right now it is mostly a pretty exterior)
> Potentially Coming:
> * anonymous CVS access
> * usage of modern features such as pthreads in the codebase
> * Bonsai and Tinderbox
> The Original LexiMUD, Aliens vs Predator: The MUD (currently running the
> Alpha version), is playable at:

It would propably be helpfull if going to would display
information about LexiMUD, instead your taken to the aliens vs predator
homepage that dosn't say anything whatsoever about LexiMUD other than it's
the codebase run.. Or atleast make a page at /LexiMUD or whatever...

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