LexiMUD Goes Open Source

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@technologist.com)
Date: 06/05/99

LexiMUD is a C++ derivative of Circle intended for use as a Sci-fi MUD
codebase, and is quickly gaining in popularity.  It integrates many
popular modules such as OLC and IMC, along new code, to provide a
comprehensive codebase.

Previously only the (now 1-year old) Alpha release was available to the
<http://avp.dhs.org/leximud.tgz>.  However, development on the new full
version has progressed to the point that it is almost useable.
Development is continuing as I reach towards my goals of a CLEAN,
READABLE, and USABLE C++ MUD codebase.

Some of LexiMUD Features:
* An advanced RoleMaster-based Skill and Combat engine
* A custom, human-readable, extensible world file format similiar to C
and BIND file format.
* Pre-scanned DG-scripts with full looping facilities
* A custom STL, api-compatible with existing modern STLs.
* Integrated InterMUD Communications 2 v1.03g release 8 + Channel Daemon

LexiMUD Requires:
* A modern C++ compiler - gcc 2.8 will NOT suffice.
  You need at least EGCS 1.1 or newer, or a compiler that supports
  templates and namespaces (and probably a few other features
  I can't remember at the moment)
* UNIX or MacOS (sorry, no Windows support is left)

Since LexiMUD has been more popular than I expected... so I have set up
many new services!

The new LexiMUD website is at: http://avp.dhs.org/leximud/
Stop by and take a peek!  Services include:
* browsable cross-indexed source (updated nightly)
* cvsweb access

Coming Soon:
* code snapshots
* discussion forums
* more actual site content (right now it is mostly a pretty exterior)

Potentially Coming:
* anonymous CVS access
* usage of modern features such as pthreads in the codebase
* Bonsai and Tinderbox

The Original LexiMUD, Aliens vs Predator: The MUD (currently running the
Alpha version), is playable at: avp.dhs.org:4444

- Chris Jacobson

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