Re: LexiMUD Goes Open Source

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 06/05/99

>It would propably be helpfull if going to would display
>information about LexiMUD, instead your taken to the aliens vs predator
>homepage that dosn't say anything whatsoever about LexiMUD other than it's
>the codebase run.. Or atleast make a page at /LexiMUD or whatever...

It already is at /leximud:

>It is, however, absolutely useless as a web page in Lynx.
>"Alert!: Client-side image MAP is not available!"

Actually, that's true, it's very table-intensive (similiar to
in design)
The client-side image map is simply for the title graphic's copyright
notice, which isn't even a link yet.  Lexi herself drew the graphic.

- Chris Jacobson

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