[NEWBIE] 128bit.patch

From: Shaun Bourque (GraspCHAOS@aol.com)
Date: 06/06/99

i am handpatching the 128bit.patch, and am now at the end of the patch where
it adds changes to autowiz.c (which i dont have). right after that it has the
entire file, and judging from the patch if it didnt find autowiz.c it creates
it and puts all the code in it. my question is if i add this file and code do
i need to make changes to Makefile so that it will be used and work properly?
this patch also adds delobjs.c, and purgeplay.c which i also wonder if i add
these files do i need to alter Makefile, or any other files so that they will
work properly.
OR if seeing how i dont have em, not to worry about em and skip this section
of the patch.
Thanks for any comments/suggestions/advice.

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