Re: [NEWBIE] 128bit.patch

From: Chuck Reed (
Date: 06/06/99

>entire file, and judging from the patch if it didnt find autowiz.c it creates
>it and puts all the code in it. my question is if i add this file and code do
>i need to make changes to Makefile so that it will be used and work properly?
>this patch also adds delobjs.c, and purgeplay.c which i also wonder if i add

shell:~> cd circle/src/util/
shell:~/circle/src/util> ls
Makefile      delobjs.c*    play2to3.c*   shopconv.c*   wld2html.c*
a.out*        listrent.c*   purgeplay.c*  showplay.c*
autohero.c*   maillist.c*   readmail.c*   sign.c*
autowiz.c*    mudpasswd.c*  scheck*       split.c*

They are there, just located in the elusive circle/src/util/ directory.

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