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> I currently have multiple currencies in my game, and am thinking about
> implementing an exchange rate feature, where one day your Gold Diallo
> be worth two Platinum Dragons, and the next day three ;) I don't really
> it to be random, however. I was wondering about how to design this type of
> system. I'm not really after code, because I can code it myself, but more
> how I would go about designing this system. I know the real life exchange
> rates are determined by supply/demand... any ideas?
How about searching the playerfile every week say on sunday and seeing how
Waterdavian Silver is out there, then how much coranthian Platinum is out
there and so on
for every currency. If the amount surpasses what you want in the game then
make it worth less.
When it goes down the value then rises back up. If you have different types
of Silver like waterdhavian silver
coranthian silver, Dorakas silver then that would be even better to do since
you could fluctuate a states currency
and all citizens of those towns would be encouraged to make their money
worth a few more every day.

Or you could just fluctuate shop prices according to a weekly count of their
supplies in and out.
For example the shopkeeper says to himself:
  I sold 100 torches which I have unlimited supply of so I put little value
in them so add just 1 to my counter
  I then sold 10 rings of destiny which I place a high value on as they
raise effective levels for spellcasters so add 10 per ring.
  Then do some kind of formula that says if a shopkeeper sold more than he
bought his prices can drop a little
This could be dangerous as a player I know I would try to influence the
rates on the last hour of the last day and make it worth his while to lower
all prices for that one special item I could not afford :>

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