Re: Ascii pfiles 2.0b

From: Travis Johnson (
Date: 06/08/99


I'm not going to tackle your problem very much, just comment on the
question on speed. if your parsing out line by line, you will have speed
degradation, but so trivial you'll more than likely not notice. If you
are really concerned with speed, changing to ascii pfiles probably isn't
a wise decision. Binary is by far faster than ascii.  That's my two


> If It doesnt have todo with diskio.c then why did plrtoascii have problems with
> the same
> names in the conversion. It uses the same functions from diskio.c ......
> Im considering just reading line by line with some sort of getline function
> then parse it.
> Will this be much slower?
> Thanx for the quick response.
> Regards Ronny
> What I did for now anyway, was to deny anyone with 3 or 11
> > character names until I could figure out why it was crashing.  I would
> > be interested to know if anyone has fixed or may have an idea that
> > might fix this,

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