Ascii pfiles 2.0b

From: Nocturnal Occulto (
Date: 06/08/99


   I have installed the ascii pfile sytem and I love it. Alot easier to
edit and handle.
   Unfortunately there is one wierd bug Im unable to fix. The mud
crashes whenever
   a player with a name of either 3 or 11 characters logs on. This is so
wierd and I cant
   figure out why it happens. I think the bug lies withion diskio.c
somewhere which was a
   part of the ascii patch. I noticed another thing too, the
plrtoascii.c program had trouble
   handling the same names and often crashed when trying to convert a
binary file that
   had player names of 3 and 11 chars. When I finally got the conversion
straight the
   playernames it had problems with had gotten some extra chars. Axa
became axa?,
   tem?, vazzensnare! etc. Hopefully you can help me, spent all day
looking at this
   and Im unable to track it down.

Best Regards

Examples of names that makes the game go loco

3letter names (axa, ole, tem, per)
11letter names(vazzensnare, oleeeeeeeee, odylithalas)

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