Re: Constant Regeneration

From: Joakim Helgesson (
Date: 06/11/99

>I'm working on a system of player regeneration that updates the player
>every second instead of just once per tick.  I was wondering if anyone had
>ever tried a system like this and if they had experienced any
>advantages/disadvantages that I should be aware of.  Also, I was wondering
>how rough it would be on the CPU to update all playing chars that are <=
>POS_SITTING every second (usually have about 20 players on at a time).

If you are using an Event system, DGEvents for example, there is a patch
that can be found at
The following can be read in the readme-file
This patch does not add as much processor overhead as one might think at
first glance.  Stock CircleMUD recalculates the regeneration of every
character in the game (mobs and players) once per tick.  This patch changes
regeneration so only the characters whose points are less than their maximum
are checked.  Even with multiple checks per tick, if most characters are at
their full point level, the over head could be lower than with stock Circle.

And i find that true, most mobs will always be at full point level and are
therefore not involved at all...
Sitting on a win9x system i can't measure the CPU usage so i can't give any
numbers... but it works fine for me


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