Re: Constant Regeneration

From: Travis Johnson (
Date: 06/11/99

If you have win95 version B cd, you can goto control panel, add/remove,
and click on the window components section. Under the system utilities,
you should see a "system monitor", you can check this and add it to your
machine.  This monitor will look at everything from CPU usage to swap
space to winsock activity and displays on *half* decent charts.  I know
it's not the best, but it does offer *some* help monitoring a win95 box.

BTW, I'm working on separating this constant regeneration so that the
mud's fighters get constant HP, clerics/mages get constant mana, and
thiefs and rangers get constant .5(HP)+Move.  I liked the idea of
skipping everybody who's already full, and so far, it seems to REALLY
cut the processor usage.


> therefore not involved at all...
> Sitting on a win9x system i can't measure the CPU usage so i can't give any
> numbers... but it works fine for me

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