Re: The Un-Official CircleMUD Discussion Sit{

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/14/99

On Sun, 13 Jun 1999, Jason M. R. wrote:

>Well boys and girls, I told you it sounded like a good idea so I set one
>up.  The Un-Official CircleMUD Discussion Site is up and running.  We are
>there for things like, "I broke my code and I need help"  and things like
>"I wonder what evreyone else would think of..."  Also I need one or two
>admins to help me with this, After all I can't be the only one doing
>this. The Address is "telnet://".  I look
>forward to seeing you all there.

Thought about auto-immorting people? (level 31)

That way we can at least get 'users' and confirm the IP address of people.
I'm just worried about five different people running around claiming to be
Jeremy, or something similar.

Well, _I_ would know if it was him or not, but other people may not.

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