Re: [IDEA] Artificial Intelligence/ALife

From: Plazmic (
Date: 06/14/99

I started doing something along the lines of Alife back in the bpl11
days, although my approach was entirely different than all the
responses so far.
I started out making the Intelligent mobs actual players, stored in
the playerfile.  With a few modifications to load/save and do_who
(etc) they then "looked" like real PC's, but lacked any knowledge.
My next step was to design an elaborate spec_proc (I wasn't aware of
DGscripts then, and hated mobprogs) that would kill, eat, level,
chat, etc.  I had 2-3 of these mobs "logged in" at any one time, and
most of the real PCs were unsure of them.

ps. the main point from this posting alife in pfiles...

> Hi,
>         My idea is to have NPCs that are practically "alive" ie.
> ALIFE to MUD. In effect the MUD would be one big world... someone
> could
> just log on and watch the world go by... NPCs interact with other
> NPCs as
> well as PCs, and fights.. hunts for food... that kind of stuff.
> In other words,
> a mud that is generally intelligent.

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