Re: [IDEA] Artificial Intelligence/ALife

From: Elvis Mohan (
Date: 06/14/99

> My thoughts:
> Big Project

Yup !

> I'd advise modelling general behavoir first.
> Give mobs extra attributes, like fear and hunger and pain - scalar values
> which are modified as time goes on and things in the world move.

Thanks for the advice.... starting to change a few things (may end up even
re-writing) mobile_activity in mobact.c.

> Give them possibly an assocaiative memory so that they match places and
> PC's to certain emotions. Give them a few archetypal behavoirs - for
> example a dwarf could have and extreme racial hate of a human, so his
> anger levels would  be right up there. Then interaction with the human
> player would need to be suitably modified.
> I'd probably recommend some method of scripting, but where multiple NPC's
> call the scripts on some trigger (external world or internal change of
> state). for example a fight / flight response when something causes them
> pain.
Thanks for the pointers.... (->)


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