From: John Sherman (psbait@bright.net)
Date: 06/16/99

    I was wondering if VieMud is up any place. I play a mud based off a old
version of VieMud, I think right after VieMud added 30 levels and clubs.
But I wanted to play the real thing. I was also wondering if VieMud was
like public domain like CircleMud, I would really like to look at some of
the code : ) The mud that is running a old version of VieMud is The
Northern Crossroads(NCMUDD), Its been up forever. I've played it for two
and a half years. The address is ncmud.org port: 9000. Thanks for any info
you can pass my way.
-= Wam =-
Owner/Coder of Betrayal Mud
chimera.zyan.com  port: 4000

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